2018 latest wedding wears dressed in beach

Danielle Pearson

To all my Hashi friends who could relate to and commented on the itchy inner ear issue (post I put up a month or so ago) that can go hand in hand with hashi's.
Before I went on holidays I did some research and it seemed that some people had gotten relief from a antibiotic type of ear drop medication only available on prescription. So I made an appointment with the Dr and we found an ear drop similar to the one on a blog write up I had screen shotted for the D 2018 latest wedding wears dressed in beach ... r to read. He looked in my ears and said 'do you clean them daily?', I told him it was because they would get so itchy, not because I thought they needed cleaning.
I only used the drops twice and NO MORE ITCHY EARS!!! I am so stoked to be able to go to bed each night and not have to get a cotton bud and itch my inner ears before I could get any sleep!
The name of the drops I have are called Otocomb Otic.
I strongly dislike any antibiotics and have not touched any of them in over 5 years, but I was willing to give these a go to get rid of the itchy ears. I read that just a few drops can stop the itching for 7 months or so.
Worth trying if your ears are often itchy!

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