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Princess's bloodwork shows high bilirubin! It has gone up considerably since her last bloodwork. The vet said she is very concerned about that. She wants her to see a Internist at the specialty group in Latham. This could be serious. I know she is going to have an Ultrasound to rule out a mass. They will want to do other tests to figure out why this level is so High....she lost weight, lethargic she's finally eating since I went to the grocery store and bought junk food the v Dress Affordable empire style wedding wears with high waist ... et told me that whatever I can get her to eat is fine. I have very high quality food here that she won't touch I went out and purchased Iams, Fancy Feast, Purina one, a bag of dry Rachael Ray's Food also some Rachael Ray's wet food. I'm trying everything to get her to eat and she seems to be really liking that so she ate quite a bit tonight but I'm really nervous. If everyone could please say a prayer for her I would appreciate it

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What Are the Dangers of High Bilirubin in Cats? If your vet says your cat's bilirubin count is high, that could mean a number of things. If you're lucky, hyperbilirubinemia, the technical term for too much bilirubin, results from an easily ...pets.thenest.com