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A man woke up one morning took his bath,brushed his teeth,ate something and went for his wrist watch.
Then he notice the wrist watch wasn't working so he left it and went out.
He got to his car,ignite the engine but it refuses to work. "oh damn". He left the car and hurried down the road to the bus stop so he won't get late for work. ...
He board a taxi, and on his way to work, just as a call from a business associate came on his phone,the phone went dead as a result of low battery.
On his way just few miles to his work the taxi stopped and couldn't move again,so as not to be late he paid the man and board a bike.
When he got to the entrance of his office, a man wanted to shake him, the general overseer of the company to congratulate him for his promotion but someone called him and later he was told no more promotion. Dress Affordable white colored and high low styled items to wear
Then when he got home, he started complaining what a bad day it was.
Then God spoke to him saying.
"at the time your watch stopped i was the one, you would have being accused as a thief because it resemble that of some one you are going to encounter.
You came out and you car didn't work, I caused it, you would have got into an accident if you take it out.
Your phone died just as you are about to receive an important call, I caused that, he would have given you a false information and fraud you which may lead you loosing up to #20,million Rand
The taxi you board stop, I cause it, the person is a kidnapper he was taken u away for ritual.
You got to work the man didn't shake you,i cause it, he as ebola virus.
You are denied of your promotion, the man that was sacked before had already planted an evil charm on the chair and this may leads to you death.
Now tell me is it a bad day?"
The man fell down and started thanking God.
>>What i just want you to understand is that you are alive because God want's you to.
That problem you are passing through God knows about it, and he will never allow it to destroy you.
God will give you a solution to all your problems and he will prevent you from any evil coming your way. Amen.
Don't scroll down without typing Amen.

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