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*****~What to feed to baby~******
Breast milk or formula?
Iron-fortified cereal like rice, oats mixed with milk
1…Fruit Pureed like banana, peaches, pears, plum, mango. Mix two fruits together to taste it better.
2…Vegetable pureed (completely cooked) like sweet potato, carrots, squash, beans and potato. ...
3…Pulse soup after boiling pulse in sufficient water.
4…Rice water after boiling rice in clean and filtered water. Give your baby just strained water.
5…Unsweetened yogurt from low-fat milk (very small quantity)
6…Small portion of Tofu or cheese
****~Feeding Tips~****
I…Introducing solid foods into your baby’s diet doesn’t mean to stop breast milk or formula; these are the most important source of nutrients for your baby. DressAfford simple styled garments for bridesmaids
II…Never force your baby to eat a little more. Solid intake will increase gradually, it depends when you started giving her solid food.

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