beige or ivory color wears to a prom

I’m on a hunt.. a dress hunt!
I’m looking to start expanding our photo studio wardrobe to offer my clients, so if you have any dresses that you or your daughter no longer wear or just decluttering your wardrobe in MarieKondo Style and happy to give away, please shoot me a message. I would love to talk! beige or ivory color wears to a prom
What I AM looking for:
– all sizes
– soft, delicate colors like ivory, pink, sage, beige, white, powder blue, etc.
– bold colors like navy and black
– delicate fabrics like lace, tulle, etc. are great
– I love having fabric on the bottom half that can fly and move with some twirls, but this isn’t a necessity
– sequin dresses
– vintage vibes are great
- boho vibes are awesome
What I am NOT looking for:
– busy patterns like floral, stripes, tie-die, etc.
– super bright colors like neons, yellow, orange
– obvious prom dresses (with tons of bedazzling etc)