big size wedding wears of plus style

Ever think about weird things and wonder what other people think about them? I've been seeing posts about people's height. Many of us don't meet face to face, so details like height aren't things we normally think about.

I've been thinking about mouths for some reason. Mostly because my mouth is small and my husbands is big. Not, like, how you smile, but on the inside. Okay, bite your knuckle. Now bite two knuckles. Three? Four? Are you like my best friend and can put your whole fist in your mouth? It's a cool party trick. Can you touch your nose or your chin with your tongue? big size wedding wears of plus style

When I have my mouth closed and my back teeth together, there is just enough room for my tongue. My bottom front teeth touch the roof of my mouth, which can be a pain when chewing. The roof of my mouth is often swollen. And I bite my tongue and cheeks a lot. I have to force myself to chew my food well and pay attention to how I do it or PAIN.

I can bite two knuckles only. My mouth won't open wide enough to bite three. I cannot touch my nose or my chin with my tongue no matter how hard I try.

My husband, on the other hand, has so much room in his mouth (his palette is so high), his tongue can't touch the roof of his mouth. But he can touch both his nose and chin with his tongue. I have a picture with him and Runa and their lizard tongues. LOL Leel got my small mouth.

Anyway, I was just thinking about that this morning. Carry on.