cocktail dresses

I went to see Atomic Blonde primarily to see her clothes, but even more amazing were her suitcases. She arrives in Berlin with a lightly packed hand satchel and a suitcase small enough to fit in the overhead bin. From these emerge: a large black bulky woolen ankle-length coat, a large black bulky woolen knee-length coat with a hood, a large white bulky woolen knee-length coat, a large grey bulky woolen knee-length coat, a black knee-length leather coat, a dress-size sweater of bulky weave, five different sets of clothing, 2 cocktail dresses, an evening dress, four pair of shoes, a knee-length pair of brown leather boots, a thigh-high pair of black leather boots, bulky electronic eaves-dropping equipment including a set of large headphones, and quite a number of unmentionables--none of them wrinkled or mussed in any way. I must have these suitcases. Obviously one of them contains a worm hole to another dimension.