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Okay so let's start with some Basics.


How to get into ketosis. Ideally, for starting this diet and optimum weight loss, you are going to want to stay below 20 net carbs a day. Everyone is different though, and I've met people who can have 40 net carbs and stay in ketosis, and others like myself who have to stay below 10. This is where buying ketostix from your local drug store come in very handy. You simply pee on them and they will tell you if you are in f ... at burning.

So what's a net carb? And net carb is the carbohydrates subtracting the fibers. If you Google how many carbs are in broccoli, it may say something like four carbs. Now look at how many fibers are in them. Is it 3? Well now your net carb is only one. Got it?

See this is simple.

Keep in mind, some veggies are high in sugars. We want to stay as low in sugars as possible. Ideally 0 to 5 grams of sugars a day.

That means say goodbye to things like corn on the cob. So sorry.

But if you like cauliflower and asparagus and broccoli and spinach and lettuce, no problems! If you're eating the right vegetables, you'll learn that you don't even need to consider their carb count into your day to stay in ketosis. This kind of knowledge will come with time and as you get to know your own body. Think of it this way, if a vegetable taste sweet, chances are it has natural sugars in it. And for the sake of this diet, even a natural sugar is a no-go. cocktail party selections in coral

That doesn't mean all fruit is gone though. You just have to ration it appropriately. Have a sweet tooth? I'll be posting a wonderful recipe for a high fat hot chocolate drink that is amazing. Do you like your desserts? I'll post a recipe for a cream cheese and apple or strawberry no bake cheesecake like dessert.

Also, remember that this diet is a both healthy fats. We've come to learn that fat isn't the problem, sugar is. Guess what, milk is filled to sugar. If you currently use it in your coffee, say goodbye. Almond milk is a wonderful alternative, or alternate Lee, some high-fat cream.

Salad dressings that say light are often filled with sugar. Start reading labels. Next time you're at the grocery store grab a light Caesar salad dressing and a regular Caesar salad dressing. Compare the back and look at the carb count. Most full-fat Caesar salad dressings will have zero carbs. The light one might have three carbs and three sugars. We aren't counting calories here people! So put back that light dressing, it will do you no favors!!

Have you got the basics about counting carbs yet? Post any questions you have below.

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