cocktail with green color

Ok, my wonderful GODson & I are both major foodies. He is a special needs cancer fighter; and I a dialysis patient. As a result, we both live for the days in which our doctors give us the green light to indulge in whatever eats we would like (within certain parameters, of course ;-) ).

Soooo, lately I've been sharing with him posted pics of some of your entrees; and he, is now excited to accompany me for a quick visit your restaurant later today! We are currently at the Children's Hospital receiving chemo on an outpatient basis, awaiting for the time in which the dr's discharge us and we are free to leave for a late lunch. cocktail with green color

# TacoTuesdays , therefore, have our names written all over it! Can't wait for today's "green light"...SEE YOU SOON!!! :D
# greatfoodisourmission