country bridesmaid dresses

Stayed in a beautiful house in the middle of downtown Denver. Explored 16th Street Mall & the 5 Points Historic district. Phone died. Got lost walking home at 2am my first night in a new city. Made it home after accidentally passing my house multiple times.

Woke up Saturday and went to an art festival in Cheesman Park the next day, followed by a trip to the Denver Art & History Museums. Explored downtown for hours. Proceeded to go out with friends at night. Went to great bars with even greater people. Got berated by a bridesmaid wearing a green dress, while waiting to be seated to eat breakfast at Pete's Kitchen around 3am, all because "my generation" is ruining the country. She falls on her ass trying to stop me from walking away. I help her up. country bridesmaid dresses

Woke up Sunday and watched too much Netflix while rubbing my aching feet. Went to the Underground Music Showcase festival happening on Broadway. Running on little sleep and 3 shots of espresso, barely staying awake. Got a Lyft home from an aspiring rapper and talked music.

Woke up Monday and hiked around Red Rocks Amphitheater. Ate tacos in Morrison, at the base of Red Rocks. Explored downtown with friends. Barely made my flight after running top speed through Denver airport.

See you again soon, Denver. It was fun.