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As one who was pregnant and have birth, sometimes amid extremely difficult circumstances, I can tell you it can be done... Maybe. If a woman is strong enough. If she has the stamina. If her vocabulary, networking and literary skills are such that she can connect to the minimum amount of help and resources viral to bring a live, healthy baby into the world with a chance to have a life. I was more fortunate than I had any right to expect: All my kids lived; graduated high school, and (the ones currently old enough) got jobs. All but the ninth-grader have had at least some college. It cost me; I will bear some of the health effects for the rest of my life. cowgirl wedding items for a country wedding
But not every woman is me. Some of my resources are pretty rare; and many times, I got really, really, uncannily lucky. And a lot of resources I made use of with the first the kids have dried up in 25 years of neo-con extremism--they talk "cutting back," but what they mean is, "cutting throats." Women's throats. Children's throats. This is why I don't judge women who have abortions. What is the point of nine months of pregnancy, if it only leads to hopeless suffering and a very early death?

This Powerful New Film Tells “the Real Handmaid’s Tale” "Birthright: A War Story" tackles the conflict between fetal rights and human