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ACOG had to come out and tell it's OB membership that you cannot induce before 30 weeks. We were becoming a nation of premies. Scheduled birth is not happening because of the size of craniums getting larger or women being incapable of delivering naturally. There are many consequences of cesarian birth including failure of the fetus to be exposed to their mother's gut flora, and resulting problems with immune system development. American hospitals now average over a 30% cesarian rates. At $30K each, these are costly births and profitable for OB's compared to natural births where there is a lot of waiting around and requires ongoing emotional support of the mother's labor. items looks sexy to wear with long length Anja Farin often says, "Labor will probably kick in once the sun sets."

Babies And Bankers' Hours: A Shift In U.S. Birth Patterns We schedule our work and leisure dates, why not the birth dates of our babies? Anthropologist Barbara J. King looks at this trend in evolutionary