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Reposting this from Jan. 2016 with updates:.

I have been watching this for so long. How is it they talked to this man, Trump, some say they know him personally and they had not observed how he lies, habitually? Anyone who had watched him for a short amount of time will know he was lying and he had mastered the art of manipulation. As I watch each day,..and saw this happening, I became aware of the complicit behavior all those who kept silent and is quiet appalling by their display of piety.
It was so obvious to the people who watch his maneuvers,..this slippery salamander slithers and crawls as his meandering through the ebbs and flow of a mind out of control. Using his waking moment to say anything to grab the attention any which way he can get it. He yearns for the needs of public adorations,.. always having a need to be in control,...even when his out of control behavior is frightening and downright illegal,...yet, he is driven by his alter ego.

How can the media not know his unscrupulous business practices,... They don't have to dig too deep to get the stench of his illegal and criminal activities. They are so desperate to elaborate on crimes of Hillary, exalting adharmic attacks, even though "there is no there"..they allow this Mafia Don -the Con-Man to play them,...and ignore the seriousness of his conning ways.
Yes, Mika reached her breaking point,...she talked about his lies,. not for long though,...because to them(Morning Joe), Hillary is like their addiction,...they hurried back to attacking her once again on some other manufactured scandal,..making believe they call themselves,..unbiased.
See people, they are not taking the lies and corruptions from Trump seriously,...they did their part,... we cannot say they did not report on it. One news cycle is enough,...and they move on. They have no desire to investigate. How could they,..and why would they?

But when it comes to Hillary,...a day without her,.. is like a day without sunshine. She is their reasons to report on their journalistic integrity while they sanctimoniously perpetuated their misinformation and lies against Hillary using every reason to malign her integrity,..and we should be satisfied with that. They demand she tells all,...a transparency like she should be seen to them, this woman in an aquarium. They want to see all and know all.
They want us to be voyeurs,...watching her every move and she should speak when they demand an answer,...why? because the country has a right to know. And Trump,..well,.he tells them,.."NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS",.AND THEY BACK OFF. Like yapping puppies with their tail between their legs,... and go back to their softer target,...Hillary.

They have to protect the ugly baby they helped nurtured.
If we are to measure the times and hours, years Hillary was still is vilified and accused of wrong doings, called every name under the sun,...matched up to Congress and Senate,..called repeatedly to answer questions to their fishing exhibitions,..under scrutiny at epic proportions.
Then there is Trump and his FSB operatives and his foreign connections with unscrupulous business dealings and his children who are very much part of his scamming and other questionable personal businesses...and their under-reporting of his illegal activities. There is no comparison. After all, Trump is a man,..and a man has got to do what he has to do,..even if he is breaking the laws and treat the Constitution as a paper tiger.

How can they?...he is their people,...his "pay to play" with them is their quid pro quo to turn their eyes from their journalistic integrity and report the news like it was Saturday Night Live....with characters and the entertainment value for high ratings. The media entertain manufactured lies from the people who come to their shows,...and they don't follow up or question the veracity of the statements.
They are paid,...the facts are their casualty,...and they don't care.
Hypocrisy is, they are now ready to report on Trump's cheating and congenital lying ways,..and his temerity to deny his own words,... even bragged about forcefully kissing women and groping them without their consent,...then in his teenage beauty pageant enter unannounced into the dressing rooms of these young girls who are partly dressed or naked,...takes a sadistic mind and chutzpah. Part of his narcissistic tendencies,..to make women and girls especially feel powerless by his presence. Trump's illicit behavior and his obsession to aggression are quite frightening. Trump is kryptonite. One should proceed with caution. long dresses for girls
The media is not doing their jobs,...and very few reporters who dare to do their due diligence for good reporting and in search for the facts,...are drowned out by the loud and noisy machinations of the paid hacks who go on TV especially to spew their manufactured lies and give legitimacy to their misinformation. The public is not served well.

Update: The country is in perilous times and the criminals are running the — penitentiary. Putin owns Trump and his family,..and this country is held hostage by the threat of the information they are holding over his head that could destroy his past and unscrupulous businesses all over the world.

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