maternity bridal gowns

Attractive Georgette Gown
Fabric: Gown - Georgette, Dupatta - Nazneen
Sleeves: Sleeves Are Included
Size: Gown - 36 in To 46 in ( Free Size ) , Dupatta - 2.25 Mtr,
Length: Gown - Up To 54 in
Type: Semi-Stitched
Description: It Has 1 Piece Of Gown With Inner & 1 Piece Of Dupatta maternity bridal gowns
Work: Embroidery Work
Fabric: Gown - Georgette, Dupatta - Nazneen
Sleeves: Sleeves Are Included
Size: Gown - 36 in To 46 in ( Free Size ) , Dupatta - 2.25 Mtr,
Length: Gown - Up To 54 in
Type: Semi-Stitched
Description: It Has 1 Piece Of Gown With Inner & 1 Piece Of Dupatta
Work: Embroidery Work

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