modern chic items to wear to a evening party

Wow just wow. 3 yrs ago I started having facial numbness. I was diagnosed with Chiari malformation. (Google it) saw a neurosurgeon who said it was very minimal and no surgery was needed. No explanation of facial numbness. I then saw 3 different ENT specialist thinking it was a sinus issue. Was cleared of that a couple of weeks ago. I've had MRI's, MRA's, CT scans, been to many doctors and nothing. I FINALLY got in with Dr. Boop today who is a neurologist. He says I'm having silent migraines. Prescribed me topamax and should be lots better in 4 wks. Here is to praying that's it and a simple pill once a day will help. He is also sending me for a sleep study to see why I don't sleep at night. He assured me I'd feel better soon. Please God let my life get back to normal. I've been miserable for 3 years. modern chic items to wear to a evening party