modest style selections for prom and formal party

Please do not read this if you're eating...
Poor Lilly, it seems her cancer has hit her anal glands. She was doubly incontinent before this but always had dry stools due to her raw diet, this is because all of the good bits are used up by the body so there is very little to be excreted as waste material unlike commercial dog food which is a wet stinky mess! Unfortunately Lilly has always had problems with full anal glands and I have emptied them regularly myself, they have be ... en quite hard to do as they are the type that are inset and more internal due to her body shape, so now that they have started exploding out at random periods on their own, it leads me to believe that the cancer that has been rearing its ugly head on the top of the back of her left hind leg and the second on the same leg but nearer her anus, has started to attach itself or at least press on her left anal gland and when she is sitting or lying or moves into a certain position, the lump pushes and forces it out in an explosion which is quite disgusting for both of us.
Thankfully I had already taken the cover off their bed so it will have to remain off for the time being unfortunately. It's waterproof but still very padded and comfortable so that it can be wiped clean so that she can still sleep with her best friends who swiftly jump out of the way when they smell trouble! It must be horrible not to have any feeling of your back end and legs and even worse your toilet time! She shakes in embarrassment/shame after the event, probably thinking she will be told off as someone in her life must have given her a smack for having an accident in the house or similar. Instead, I clean her up and hold her, stroking her, I hope she understands but it's so very hard to tell a deaf and blind dog that she's the most important thing in the world to you and that she could never do anything wrong in your eyes. modest style selections for prom and formal party
My heart breaks daily, I hope we have more time together but I hope she is happy for that time because the second that she stops wagging her tail, sitting staring at me after finding me in bed, putting her chin on the palm of my hand for head strokes or pawing me, literally jabbing me if I stop even for a second so I cuddle her forever and ever! then I will rush her straight to the vet and make the impossible/choice that I won't want to make but the decision I know will need to be made for her ethically and what I will always do for my animals, quality over quantity every time, their happiness is the only thing I live for. Please pray for her.

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