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Didn't think I was going to do this, but as a long time fan, It feels appropriate for me to at least say something. As everyone knows already, the Frontman for Linkin Park Chester Bennington committed Suicide on Thursday by hanging himself. This was a real shocker to me and the rest of the Linkin Park fanbase, along with dozens of other Musicians who always looked up to Chester.

I first heard of Linkin Park's "In the end" at a music store back in the early 2000's, pretty much when they debuted. The lyrics they sang weren't uplifting, but I still got the feeling of hope from them. It was because of Chesters powerful and emotional voice more than anything. He had such an amazing talent for making so many different kinds of emotions come across his singing even when the lyrics didn't seem to convey that.

Ever since I first heard "In the End" I had been a huge Linkin Park fan. I had a bit of an obsession when I was younger, which died down in recent years, but even know I'm still a big fan. To me, Chester was what got me through my times of being Homeless. Back when I was homeless, everything felt so pointless and dreadful. The way things had been, I had no hope growing up, no hope for a future or anything. But when I started listening to this Band every single time I visited a music store, I had this certain hope that everything would be okay.

Chester had always preached about how things always get better. How you always have to just fight through the pain and try to live for a better tomorrow. I don't know his exact life because I was only a fan, but I know a few details. The man fought dozens of demons in his mind. He had been sexually abused when he was young, he was always bullied in School, and even during the younger days of LP he had a bad case of Drug Addiction. His life had been a mental living hell, but he fought through it as much as he could despite it all. What's really sad is that he always looked so happy in videos of the band, he always looked happy during pictures and meetups. He knew he had so many people who loved him, who adored him, but he couldn't win his fight in the end. off the rack wears for bridesmaid

I will always remember Chester as one of Rock's most powerful and emotional frontman this generation has ever had. One of the very few singers I've seen video's of him live where he never once did lip syncing. He wasn't afraid to make mistakes live, he was never afraid of his voice cracking or his tone matching the beat. He went for it, because deep down he knew that's exactly what the people paid and traveled to see. His voice live was just as amazing as his voice on record, he had an absolutely incredible voice, and through his 17 years with Linkin Park, the talent never once faltered.

Along with being an amazing Vocalist, he was an incredible friend and an amazing Father of six. While I don't know how he was like in his private life, I've heard countless stories from his bandmates, his wife, his children, and his friends, that he was a truly great man. His goal was to always try and make people enjoy life as much as they could, he wanted people to never take life for granted.

What had really hit him was the suicide of one of his closest friends Chris Cornell, another rock legend. In this year, Chester had gone on multiple occasions and mentioned he was going through the hardest time of his entire life, and that he was really struggling with depression. Chris's suicide was more than likely what brought Chester over the edge and made him make his final decision. Or maybe not. Maybe something else had happened to him that made him give up on life. Who knows, it's all tragic in the end.

Chester Bennington will forever be one of my all time biggest icons to look up to. He was as amazing at flaring up the hearts of millions of fans as he was showing us all how to truly be human, how to all care and love for one another. It's truly heartbreaking that he's now gone, but I hope he is resting well. I hope that, wherever he is now, he's safe and away from the Demons that always haunted him. And I sure as hell hope that he sees all the love and respect he's been getting from the music community. He affected more lives and families than he could ever even dream of.

R.I.P Chester Bennington (1976-2017) You will be missed.