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So....Do you know what your Dad shouldn't say when he comes to visit his only daughter in the hospital after she has a c-section with his first grandchild...?

"Am I too Early? I thought you already HAD the baby..."!!!


Don't get me wrong...he THOUGHT he was making a joke... Good Grief!!

The fact remained, that my mind went from "Look at my beautiful baby" to "What the hell have I let myself turn into??"

I had gone from 135lbs to 192lbs in 9 months!!
I had gone from relatively fit, to flabby and untoned.
I was not only completely clueless with what to do with a baby...that was colicky....but now my self confidence was SHOT!!

When I left the hospital after a 3 day stay (plus 1 day before the c-section), I went home to a house full of dirty dishes, and in-laws....

I fled!! Hid in my bedroom and cried my eyes out!! What the hell had I done? I couldn't look at myself, my baby didn't stop crying, and I felt empty.

After around 6 scary months, I slowly returned to myself. The baby stopped crying. The clothes started to fit better, but the confidence was still gone. I still felt like I did that day I left the hospital. No tone, no shape, overweight and sluggish. I was eating whatever was easy, fast and cheap. I felt like garbage!!

My weight fluctuated for years after that. Slowly creeping downward but never close to where I started. I got stronger through carrying around an infant and then a toddler... but still... no confidence.

My whole sense of self seemed to weigh in on body image. If I didn't look good, I didn't feel good.

Do you want to know what finally changed that feeling? Signing up for my first Challenge Group!!

**Bet you saw that one coming...**

What I found in that Challenge Group, was that no matter where you are, where you start, or what you look like, every day you are making progress!!
Every day I was making a choice to get better. Eating healthy food. Exercising daily. Mentally I was overcoming obstacles. Increasing weights, making good food decisions, becoming PROUD of myself!! I started to get my CONFIDENCE back!!

My whole self image was focused on my progress instead of my shortcomings! Focused on my future pic instead of my before pic!

All it took for me to get my confidence back, was being able to show up every day and be acknowledged for making an effort. To be reminded every day that I was worth it! To encourage others who also felt like I did. To show up every day because I was starting to love my body instead of being ashamed of it!!

Once I saw the results in both my results, and other challengers, it was a no brainer to start coaching myself!! If a few comments and some support for others could change lives like it had for me, I was ALL IN!!

I have been coaching for almost 2 years and I have watched so many Moms get their confidence back. So many women put shorts back on. So many tired souls get their spark back.

If my story resonates with you, or you know of someone who needs to feel amazing about herself, I have a new Challenge group starting August 14th, and I still have space for 10 more women. I will teach you about healthy nutrition, and set you up on a personalized plan, find a daily fitness plan that works with your schedule and fitness preference, and support you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY! pastel and blushing items for a prom party

If you want to get your spark back, or just shed 10-15 lbs next month to feel better in your clothes, message me, or comment below with "Confidence" and I will contact you to chat about your goals and what I have to offer!

Spots are limited and registration closes July 30th so don't delay, let's do this!! Let's get YOUR confidence back!!