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I've decided to do this because of all the misinformation going around about mental illness that I'm seeing on my own timeline.

Myths about mental illness.

1. Every doctor is trained in treating mental illness, and knows what they're talking about.
There are doctors who go through a lot of schooling and training specifically related to mental health. They are experts in treatments, including therapy and medications. They are called PSYCHIATRISTS and they are your friend.

2. Medication will fix me/Medication is the only answer.
There are many disorders that can be greatly helped with medication, but if it's not for you, it's not for you. Some people get by with diet and exercise, having a hobby they enjoy, or getting outdoors. These can be very helpful, but also can not. Sometimes medication is a good supplement. Please read that I said SUPPLEMENT. Medication is not the end-all-be-all. Without working on your problems and going through some real life changes, medication is just a bandaid. You have to do the work to see the results.

3. Medication will change who I am.
If you're taking a medication that makes you feel a way you don't like, tell your doctor. That's what they're there for, and that's why you pay them. Medication is a great help, but too many times people (myself included) sit by and allow themselves to feel worse or just weird because they're on the wrong one. There are so many out there, and sometimes it's just trial and error. Your body chemistry is not the same as someone else's, so if your friend is raving about something that made you feel worse, don't get upset. Remember that you're different people, and try again. I promise, it is worth trying again. royal and nave blue color collections for cocktail

4. People with mental illness don't get better.
Some people don't. It's unfortunate, but the reality. The good news of this reality, though, is that anywhere from 60-80% of people with any given disorder can and WILL recover. While the disorder may never "go away," it can become manageable. With therapy and skills training, you can learn to live a full and wonderful life with very little to no effects from the illness.

5. It's your fault if you have a mental illness.
While people with mental illness can make poor choices, it is not their choices that cause mental illness to happen. Some are genetic, some are a chemical imbalance that they were simply born with, and some come about because of events that happen to the individual. Be compassionate and listen to the person before yo judge.

6. Mental illness looks the same in every person.
Some people with depression can't get out of bed, while some can't stand the idea of disappointing so they make themselves go to work anyway. Some people with anxiety can't leave the house, while some are terrified of being alone. No illness ever looks the same in people, but mental illness especially.

7. Mental illness is "all in your head." It's not real. You can "just get over it."
Mental illnesses have been scientifically proven to exist. There are tests that show chemical differences between someone who has a mental health problem and someone who doesn't. There are brain scans that show the entire structure and function of the brain isn't the same. There is no reason to believe that this is not as legitimate as heart disease or cancer. Please do your research.

Guys, please check your facts. Please ASK someone. Please do more than just tell your friends to "Google it." This is such an important thing in life that is way too mystified. It's not that scary. It's not that bad. It's normal, and it's all around us, and we can easily become more understanding and compassionate individuals by simply educating ourselves.