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Flax Seed Meal Made from ground flax seeds this meal is very high in protein and healthy omega fatty acids but contains no gluten or carbohydrates.

Flax seed is high in omega-3 fats and fiber. People often add flax to cereals and smoothies for an extra boost of fiber and nutrients. Those who avoid eggs may use ground flax seed mixed with water as an egg replacer in baking. Chewing flax seeds isn't enough to break them up. Eating ground flax seed may allow your body to absorb see through prom dress ... the nutrients, as whole seeds can simply pass through your body. While you can find ground flax seed in the store, it is far less expensive to purchase whole seeds and grind flax seed at home. Pre-ground seeds also spoil more quickly than whole flax seeds.

(Coffee Grinder) How to grind flax seed

1 - Fill the bowl of a coffee grinder with flax seeds.

2 - Put the lid on the coffee grinder.

3 - Turn the grinder on and grind flax seed until it is a fine powder.

You can make coarse ground flax seed, if you prefer, by reducing the amount of time you grind flax seed.

Don't over grind the seeds. Stop the grinder when you have a powder.

If you are grinding flax seeds to use as an egg replacer, grind them to a fine powder.

Grinding Flax in a Spice Mill

1 - Fill the spice mill with whole flax seeds.

2 - Adjust the grind on the mill for either coarse or fine, if the spice mill has this option.

3 -Turn the crank or handle on the spice mill to grind flax seed.

Use the spice mill to grind a small amount of flax seed to top oatmeal, cold cereal or a loaf of bread.

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