simple and casual wedding collections in short length

Try place order friday night.
-any substitutions
-changes in portions
-custom orders


*please note along your order*
*only get 4 days max please*

List how many and which meals that your want

Any questions let me know

*smaller portions will cost less than the regular portions as posted* simple and casual wedding collections in short length

Cilantro lime grilled chicken
Cilantro brown rice
Steamed Green beans
33 carbs
31 proteins
4.5 fats
315 calories

Marinated grilled garlic basil chicken
Creamy polenta
Sauteed garlic onion broccoli
Topped w/ sundried tomatoes basil and reduce italian cheese
33 carbs
31 proteins
8 fats
335 cals

Grilled spinach Turkey meatballs
Spaghetti squash
Roasted Garlic fresh home grown basil tomato sauce
topped w/ low fat cheese
Sauteed garlic broccoli
31 proteins
24 carbs
9 fats
305 cals

chicken Enchiladas topped with a green salsa verde
2 % Low fat cheese
Roasted bell peppers & zucchini onions
28 carbs
33 protein
8 fats
326 cals

Chargrilled 5 spice honey ginger porkloin sliced medalion
Cilantro Brown rice
Sauteed cabbage carrots onions
31 protein
34 carbs
9 fats
4.5 sugars(from honey)
345 cals

Slow cooked rustic Beef sirloin bourguignon stew
Celery onions carrots bell peppers Brussel sprouts red potatoes
Parsley & cilantro
Thicken with cassava powder (paleo friendly)
29 protein
15 fats
36 carbs
315 cals

Mini banana oatmeal (whey protein )pancakes coconut oil
Roasted caramel stevia apples
Sugar free syrup
42 carbs
28 proteins
6 fats
12 sugars
347 calories

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