wedding dresses for pregnant women

1.Surviving in Zambia is not easy at all,
Someone reading this post wants to sell a
fridge with
no door to me, he is convincing me to use a
curtain. My dear┬┐┬┐ Infact lemme keep quiet
2.Everyday, you're praying, ''OH! God, make
me the head and not the tail. But your
favourite is tail of fish.
My dear, you're not ready.
3. Never block a Benin girl on social media
because even after you do, she'll just sit at
home cross leg and be looking at you
through mirrow *. Am talking with what
happened to me last month
4.Women should learn to believe in their
husbands even if the reason they give you is
unconvincing. Imagine Jonah's wife reaction
when he came home after 3days claiming
he was swallowed by a fish.
5. Stop telling someone's child to go and
marry because their mates are married. Your
mates are also dead and nobody is forcing
you to go and die.
6. I saw one lady i know from this group
yesterday wearing a wedding ring on
the wrong finger and i asked why? She said
its because she married the wrong man.
7. Zed is hard . White men will sell their
soul to the devil and the will enjoy a rich
long life. In Zambia, you'll sell your soul, have wedding dresses for pregnant women
sex with a mad person, use your private
part, then they'll tell you, ''You can only wear
slippers anytime you are going to any
events. God forbid!
* Bemba girl searched on Google..''Am
pregnant, how
can I tell my parents?''
Google replied..''If you can open your legs
why can't you open your mouth?'' hahaha
fada lawd hav mercy
A printer was asked to put 1 John 4:18 on a
wedding card but he made a mistake by not
including the "1" before John so he printed
John 4:18
1John 4:18 says "There is no fear in love but
perfect love cast out all fears"
John 4:18 says "For You have had five
husbands before and even the one you have
now is not your husband....